Olayiwola Faith

The Association of Faculty of Arts Legislative Council (FLC) has reinstated Tijani Selim, the suspended General Secretary of the association during the sitting which held on the 12th of September, 2018. 

It should be recalled that Tijani was suspended last semester on the ground of incompetence, negligence, and improper conduction of his constitutional duties. Meanwhile, he should have been reinstated earlier but for the examination period and the inability of the council to meet. one month from his suspension date.

While speaking, Honourable Damilola Adisa of the European Studies constituency stated that it would be impossible for the house to ascertain whether or not the General Secretary has improved on his faults and as a result, he suggested that the General Secretary be brought into the house to address and re-write his letter of apology. 

The speaker of the house; Rt. Hon. John Izuchukwu however replied that the case of the General Secretary cannot be pushed any longer as his suspension was overdue. “His subsequent actions as regards his office would determine whether he has improved on himself or not” he said.

The General Secretary is expected to resume office once he receives his re-appointment letter and is expected to work better as his constitutional duties calls.

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