Damini Ogalu popularly known by his stage name “Burna Boy” was born on 2nd July 1991. He is a Nigerian Afro fusion singer and song writer. He is also the grandson of Benson Idonije who was a manager to Fela Kuti. He grew up in South London, England and later relocated to Lagos State. He attended Montessori International School and later attended Corona College in Lagos for his secondary education.

Burna Boy released a single titled “Like to Party” on May 31 2012 which made him rise to prominence. On 24 September, 2012, he released another single titled “Tonight” which expressed his innate feelings.
This year, Burna boy took afro beats production and style to another level when he released “Outside” that consists of songs like “Ye”, “More life”, “Where I’m from “, “City Vibration” and Heaven’s gate.” Burna boy has been generally known for classy, simple and intelligent songs so when he released “Gbona” later this year his fans were not surprised at the lots of vibes the song exudes.

Gbona is a great song that would have you shake your body consciously once the song is being played. Great beat when cruising around in clubs and mostly when chilling. A mixture of pidgin, Yoruba and Igbo makes the lyrics really punchy and they connect well with the beat. In the chorus, “When the gbedu dey enter body, enter body” He says his song is irresistible and you cannot help but dance to it. He further says “Dem say I dey craze; I no normal ” and that though he is a nice person “Onyeoma” he has been in the music industry for long “You suppose no say me no be new comer “. He says people generally feel the vibe from his music ” As I dey sing, dem dey feel the pulse” and that is why he is “Gbona” which means “Hot” in the music industry.

The general idea of the song “Gbona” is to let the world know that he is trending in the music industry because people are enjoying his vibe, his good songs and they dance to them well. He also says it is through the support that he gets from his fans that make him and the people around him to enjoy life, “Jeun Soke”.

The video of “Gbona” is very artistic and the costumes are very attractive. There were lots of jackets, helmets, and while the ladies’ wore head ties, matching heels, multicoloured pants with tops and berets, no sensitive parts were exposed.

Burna Boy songs mostly portrays life, struggles, hustles and positive vibes which explains why many people love and can relate to his songs. In an interview he says

“The reason am so relatable to the people that have been outcast by the society is because it’s the only for me to air out and still live life as a human being without it showing because I have already cried that cry in music so that weight have been taken off and put off in the music”

Burna boy is very real in his songs and he does not just portray the good sides of life alone but the hustling and the struggling part of life as well.

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