By Segun Ogunlade

Faculty of Arts Legislative Council in the evening of Wednesday 31st October, 2018, suspended the president of Association of Faculty of Arts Students, Isaac Lijadu, indefinitely for issues bothering on dishonesty, fraudulent deals and unruly behaviour on the floor of the house.

The suspension came after he was summoned by the council for allegations bothering on corruption on the production of the Identity Cards that are also of low quality and taste, overcharging on the production of AFAS package, and AFAS shirt.
He was also indicted for not presenting the budget for AFAS excursion a week to the new date of the excursion that would have held this week but was postponed due to GES central test slated for Saturday, 3rd of November, 2018.

As his suspension continues, he has one week to retrieve all the Identity Cards that the executive council had hitherto issued out because of errors as it concerns the name of the holder and especially their quality.

He is also to defend himself on the allegations brought against him by Investigative Committee chairman, Honourable Sulaiman Mohammed from Arabic and Islamic Studies Constituency, that the producer of the notebook that would be given as part of the package would produce a copy at #450 but had the FLC approved #550 for it; by Honourable Femi from History Constituency that the identity cards were produced at #270 each as against the #300 that the FLC approved; and by Honourable Damilola Makinde from Communication and Language Arts Constituency that he submitted a proposal for the production of the notebook which the suspended president did not submit as part of the proposals he submitted to the FLC for approval.

Meanwhile, the vice-president is to assume the duty of the president with immediate effect until the president will be reinstated or otherwise.


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