There is a popular saying that says “you cannot be trusted until when tested”. This aphorism underscores the recent impeachment palaver that has rocked the Association of Faculty of Arts Students and the entire political landscape of the premier university of Ibadan since this current session begun.

The recent impeachment of Isaac Lijadu by the Faculty Legislative Council (FLC) on the grounds of financial gross mismanagement of approved budget, all points to the fact that no one should judge a book by its cover. Merely looking at the President, one would assume his holier-than-thou attitude has proven to be a good premise to conclude on his transparency and accountability.

For those who followed the activities of the President closely during his campaigns, they could easily attest to the fact that he indeed portrayed himself as Mr. Incorruptible. His dove-like speech, idiosyncrasies coupled with his innocent appearance was pluses for him during the election. His performance at the manifesto and Press nights were not that too striking but based on his comportment and innocent look, he was able to appeal to the emotions and senses of many AFASites to gamble with their vote for him. Look is indeed deceptive! More votes also went in his favour prior to the braggart attitude of his opponent, Sanya Miguel. Miguel messianic ego cost him the most coveted political seat in the faculty.

After coming on board as the new president, Lijadu gave everyone the impression that he was as harmless as an earthworm in managing the finances of the association. During his budget presentations at the FLC, Mr. President “dovelikely” tried to convince the council on the judicious utilisation of all budget approved to get the subscribed items for AFASites. According to him, he would use his bargaining skills to get a discount for ID cards and also persuade sponsors to invest in the faculty outlined programmes.

After several deliberations made on ensuring that the president had his facts and figures correct, Rt. Honourable John Izuchukwu and other members of the house had to concede into approving the budget. Little did they know that the same dove-like Lijadu would turn a hawk to smartly connive with contractors to make questionable deals that would benefit him at the expense of AFASites. Misappropriating a total sum of N182, 050 naira is indeed a great cause of concern for all well-meaning AFASites.
Where does all unspeakable action by the president lead us to?

As a member of the faculty, we need to go beyond dazzling countenance and eloquence of candidates. Parameters like transparency, accountability and credibility amidst others should be firstly considered before we cast our votes for intended candidate. Of course, corruption is a fabric that has eaten deep into every angles of the society as other campus politicians are not left out in this shameful act.

There have been reported cases of suspensions and impeachments in various halls of residence, departments and other faculties. However, this simplistic act of genuine scrutiny of candidates will save us a whole lot of headaches, if not all. AFASites should “shine their eyes” or obtain a heart-reading device if at all it exists so as to detect any wolf in sheep clothing who would want to cajole them with “heaven-on-earth” promises during manifesto and press nights. We should not forget, once beaten twice shy. No one can be trusted with any responsibility until when tested as far as politics and leadership in the country is concerned.

After all said and done, the Faculty Legislative Council does deserve some accolades for justly blowing the whistle on the president incredulous act. This would serve as a deterrent to any intending James Ibori in the executive council. The law must be allowed to take its full course in a land of sin.
May God save our dear association from future presidents like Isaac Lijadu.

The Pensmith

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