Student Administration: A Field for Looters


For a while now, student administration has been married with the cases of corruption and misappropriation of funds. It is really sad how selfish humans have grown. Everyone is only running to satsify themselves even though they would trample upon others to reach their destination. It has become even more unfortunate that this hateful attitude is fast growing among students who are supposed to be the agents of change we have all been waiting for. Selfishness has so much consumed the hearts of men that they become less of men each for If the earliest foundations of student leadership had walked on this path of corruption, there would he nothing to hold unto today.

Why else would someone be paid for a job and he goes ahead to create something of a very much lesser quality either of his own accord on the instructions of someone else. The only reason is selfishness and greed. The new shirts produced for the faculty are nothing to write about. It is not the first time of the company that produced the shirts to produce shirts for the faculty. It was therefore expected that the same company would come up with something better this time, only for us be disappointed. What happened this time? It was either corruption on his side or on the side of someone hiding in the shadows.

Apart from the substandard quality of the shirts which is very appalling, it lacks any form of creativity. One would naturally expect anything from the Faculty of Arts to scream creativity, therby portraying the creative ability of the students in the faculty. Instead what do we get? A dull sweatshirt that speaks nothing about the faculty save for the ‘AFAS’ print in it.

Apart from the creativity the shirts lack, the poor quality if the material used for their production cannot be ignored. This makes one wonder wether these shirts were actually paid for. Asides their low quality, the fact that the shirts were made sweatshirts again is quite bad. Something better could have been done with the shirts. The story last year was that some people couldn’t wear theirs as much as they wanted because they felt hit in it The sane story will be repeated the this year too.

It is pertinent to note that before the production of the shirts was approved, a committee was set up to look into the quality of the shirts. It was rather a surprise as some members of the committee claimed that what was approved for production was not what they got. This would imply that the contractor may have acted on his own or on the orders of someone hiding in the shadows. Whether or not he had acted on his own, he has landed himself in the bad books if the faculty. The Faculty Legislative Council has placed a ban on FLYY company which was responsible for the production if the substandard shirts. The company no longer qualifies to bid forr any contract within the faculty.

On a second thought, this is not the first time the company has produced shirts for the faculty and has never come up with something as poor as we have now. Why now? Could he have acted on orders from an unknown person?

It therefore would not be surprising if the books are substandard as well. A sample book already had its cover coming off. What happened? When did we get here? Why is it so difficult to produce ordinary books for the benefit of all. A sample of the book brought to the House already had it’s cover coming off. If a sample could be that bad, how much more the ones that would be given out.
It is quite unfortunate that cases of corruption and misappropriation of funds is increasingly rampant in student administration. It is the same case of corruption and misappropriation that landed the suspended president of the Faculty, Isaac Lijadu in the web of history. His impeachment has made history on the grounds of what? Corruption. He allegedly admitted to producing the books for much lesser. Why? He has satisfied his interests yes but what happens to his reputation?
It is often said that ‘Once bitten, twice shy’.

We cannot do anything about these things anymore, but this should awaken us and keep us informed on the kind of leadership we want, the kind of leaders we choose. We no longer need cheats. We need people that are accountable, people we can hold responsible for every penny. It is high time student administration stopped being about profits. Stricter measures should therefore be taken against anyone found guilty.


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