A new academic session is dawned upon us but it appears like a new dawn has not fallen on the new set of faculty executives. As expected, ecstatic freshmen are found buzzing through the walls of their halls, departments, and faculties to fulfill their financial obligations-many of which may not wait a minute to scrutinize what is being demanded of them compulsorily and weigh their importance. Would we blame them since we have all fallen victims too?

Over the years, executives have swayed in and out of the office to implement compulsory dues on freshers and finalists (which is an angle to be discussed in subsequent times) but the core point of attention here is the absurd designated fee for ID cards. In as much as we would love to applaud the executive when a right move is made and start off with a written piece that does not claw down their upcoming efforts, we are also willing to spell out to them that which they must have not logically reasoned out. The ID card from observation as not served any purpose from the very onset it was received by AFASites in their first year. The general idea behind its attainment was to serve as some sort of identification as we would have it with the school ID card but as proof of its irrelevance, we may begin to ask AFASITES to present their faculty ID cards if not misplaced or tossed aside in the dark corners of their rooms. Just so we do not jump the gun, the president thoughts were sought and his reasons, however important, do not do justice to the compulsory imposition of  ID Cards to all members of the association. According to him, the essence of the association’s identity card is for security reasons and lack of information for the need of it overtime has been a major reason for its nonrecognition.

“We’ve lost the essence of our association’s Identity card; it does not mean it doesn’t serve any genuine purpose. The dean brought up the issue of the burglary at the faculty, and one of the ways to eliminate this threat is if our members have their card (identity) on them. So our security men can be able to identify our members from any other student. Our Association’s Identity card when designed will be shown to the security guards designated to secure the faulty premises. They will be informed about the essence of the identity card. I believe a lack of communication or information is the reason for it not been recognized”.

One thing that the president failed to acknowledge was the fact that the faculty ID card had never been the first option for identification when students come in contact with this security personnel in question. In most cases, students flag up their school ID card for this purpose and they are allowed to carry on with their activities. Thus, the main essence of the faculty ID card has been judiciously done by the school ID card over time and at present. In further attempt to prove the need for the faculty ID cards, the president added that the ID cards were important in identifying faculty members during events and which will eventually make such events more orderly.

“The need to identify our members especially during our events is key…this process would make our events more orderly”.

As it was duly pointed out to the president, AFASITES were never at some certain point told to present their faculty ID cards (perhaps as an entry ticket) in any event. What could actually distinguish the faculty ID card from others is if there are certain privileges attached to it and not solely on the grounds that it would offer more security in the faculty or make events more orderly. An ideal Student ID card or Faculty ID card can fulfill several other needs other than student photo identification especially as most stallites and finalists did not get the electronic ID cards that were initially proposed to us by the school.

The executives could take advantage of this and maximize its use. For example, a student-faculty ID card can be made to serve as an electronic door key, time & attendance card, or even a cashless payment card at faculty cafeteria, laundry services, loyalty programs and memberships and borrowing books at the faculty library. By integrating more than one use for ID badges, the faculty can both streamline operations and increase security and the faculty will be better for it but unfortunately, we do not even have any of these services at our disposal, so why continue imposing these ID cards to students?

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