Over ambition brought him down, as he wanted to bring a mountain down and be pronounced powerful. But fate disrupted his machinations and he ended up being powerfool for he chose wrong allies. The Deputy Speaker, Olumide Osinuga was tired of deputizing, thus he wanted to cover his leader in the ditch.

He created a WhatsApp group tagged FLC 300 Level Caucus to divide the House though he claimed he created it to teach other principal officers on how to make a budget. He said on the page that “the group is meant for the deliberation of some issues amongst us before it gets to the Speaker”. Only few honourables were on the page and out of whom some blew the trumpet out and he met his waterloo at the last sitting held on Friday. Perhaps, he didn’t know his friends were frenemies.

Though his expulsion and suspension was unconstitutional as the Speaker did not put the motion to vote so as to form 2/3 which the constitution says: Article 21 (E) reads, “without any prejudice to the provisions of the constitution, a member of the FLC shall stand removed from office if a motion for his removal is passed by 2/3 majority of a properly constituted parliament “.

Also, Article 46, Section B (II) states that it’s only those who are found guilty of financial mismanagement and misappropriation that can stand to be expelled from the association. But, as Mr. Olumide’s action was unconstitutional so also was his removal from office. He who wants to gift a new cloth must not be found wearing a rag. He can’t find solace in what he has already disowned.


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