BBN UPDATE: Joe and Enkay Evicted!



Joe Abdallah and Ede Nkechiyere (Enkay) were evicted from the Big Brother House on Sunday, 18th of August, 2019 during the live eviction show. Big Brother changed the method of nomination for eviction for the week. The housemates were divided into two teams; the “Cruisetopia” and the “Icons.” The Icons lost to the Cruisetopias and therefore all members of the Icon were put up for eviction.


Diane used her veto card to replace Sir Dee who was a member of the losing team with Joe who was a part of the losing team. Joe was put up for eviction but he was not able to get enough votes needed to sustain him in the house and therefore he was evicted from the Big Brother House. The newly evicted housemates have been said to have their Achilles heels. While Joe was said to have teased Tacha to irritation which made Tacha strike him, Enkay was said to have been rude to Cindy over a ludo game. Joe revealed that there was the probaibility for Tacha, Mike or Omashola to win this edition of Big Brother.


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