No doubt, Jaw War is the biggest debate competition in Africa. While some have spoken of it as the best speaking competition, others have argued that the competition is not living up to its glory. This piece is a compilation of thoughts by pressmen in during a journalism workshop organised by AFAS PRESS.


Name: Raymond Ahoame

Opinion: The problem about Jaw War is that the speakers have  moved from speaking to “express” to speaking to “impress”. The topics considered are very good topics, however, the logic behind the punchlines should be considered.   Entertainment is taking over Jaw War.






Name: YUA

Department: Department of English

Opinion: Jaw War is fast deviating from its essence. The punchlines even seem to be moving away from entertainment to insult-even at a more personal levels.Punchlines are meant to provide relief but what they do now  is more of PUNCH lines.










Department: Department of English

Opinion: The punchlines  are no longer what they should be. I expected the judges to call out speakers and say ‘Hey, you can’t go that far’. You can criticize your opponent but the speakers take it too far.The points are there but the punchlines  have overshadowed them.







Name: Azeez Damilola

Department: Department of English

Opinion: At Jaw War, you get to learn something new. However, the participants habe always been a set of people. They should also give room for others. The audience should be controlled as well. People were shouting and one could hardly hear what was being said by the speakers.



Name: Lolade

Department: Department of English

Opinion: I was motivated in 100L, however now that I am in final year, I have lost interest. This is because the punchlines are degrading. Something has to be done about the crowd as well. The crowd should be managed properly. Concerning the incentives, something better should be given to the speakers. Jaw War is the biggest debate competition in Africa.  The incentives should be worked on. If the winner in BBnaija can get millions, then I see no reason why the biggest debate competition in Africa can’t have that.


Name: Pelumi

Department: Communication and Language Arts.

Opinion: Thirty-two F.M came to cover the event but they couldn’t. The audience was just too noisy. How can you cover an event when all you hear is noise? Getting sponsors for the eveny will make it go viral. However, you can’t attract sponsors with noise and punchlines that don’t make sense. The organizers of Jaw War should do more to control the crowd.

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