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Government, as we know it, is an initiative of people living in a particular geographic location to come together and be recognised as a unit. People in such a society deem it fit to elect some persons as their leaders and give such individuals mandate to rule. Overtime government has taken different forms as people used different system to ensure peace and that citizens abide by the laws. Eliminating lots of stories, government metamorphosed into having three arms: the executive, legislature and judiciary. People needed another set of individuals to represent them, check the excesses of their rulers and act as their eyes where they do not see. This mandate birthed the legislative arm of government. Their function is to check the executive and take proper measures if any ruler is found guilty of bad governance. Together, the executive and legislative arms form an inextricable knot in government. Faculty of Arts like any other organisation in need of government possesses these two arms of government.
On the toothlessness of the FLC
The job is simple, the executive take charge of catering for Afasites while the Faculty legislative council (FLC) put a check on the executives. The FLC serve as the eyes of Afasites where they do not gaze upon or where they could not just see. But it becomes pitiful to see the legislative council conferring all matters to the ultimate decision of the ‘management’. A word such as “order from above” was repeatedly heard in the last plenary session. It begs the question: what power of sight is left in the hallowed chamber?—a legislative council that is not independent in taking the proper measures at any of offence it sees is nothing but dysfunctional. It was obvious that the FLC could do nothing, not even tell what it had seen because first, it must write letters, multiple letters to the ‘management’ before it can take any action and informing them of what they saw. As much as the measures taken by the faculty management is commendable on issues affecting Afasites, particularly with reference to the pandemonium that occurred during the president initial impeachment, the FLC should be allowed to run its course smoothly. The FLC can only be checked if they decide to flaunt their wings to wide. The executives knew they had the backing of Afasites and they rode on it but if the FLC is thrown out of the mix and rendered toothless, what eyes had seen, mouths may not be able to tell. The people who are supposed to look should never gaze away.
On the reports of the audit committee
According to this report, there are some transactions which do not reflect on the bank statement provided by the executives. Also the executives could not provide receipt and approval letter on the N16, 950 of electrical fittings. Not only electrical fittings, but some other things done by the executives which had no receipt to show for like the N1, 500 spent on cups (because the seller was unlearned), or the money spent on rice, oil, pepper and seasoning for the AFAS and I program and also one receipt In fact had no date. In order to be rational, some items purchased do not get receipts but the failure of the executive to provide receipts for other items that warranted one has only made the audit and the investigative committee to trail their tails like foxes.
On the usage of Memorandum and Understanding
The audit and investigative committee had quite a different thing to say in the last sitting. According to the audit and investigative committee reports, most of the evidence provided by the vice president was a memorandum of understanding (MOU). There were no receipts for mostly everything she bought. The investigative committee also reported that a seeming art of forgery was uncovered based on the M.O.U presented to them. When they contacted the person who had initially signed the M.O.U to provide a receipt, the signature was different. In another revelation, some of the M. O. U had two different signatures without the names of the signatories. It was also discovered that someone collected #10, 000 through the president without any clear indication of what the money was used for and was duly signed by the president. Interestingly, all the dates of the M. O. U presented for was dated 30th August. Now, this spells 2 things: either magically the vice president was able to get all things done in a day or all the M. O. U was signed in a much latter day. Apparently, some things are there but we fail to look at them.

On the spending of the Vice-president
It was reported that the vice president spent N35, 100 on light, transportation, water and other items though from her purse because the money approved by the FLC for the orientation week had been exhausted and there was an oversight on her part to include miscellaneous expenses in that budget. The house on the other hand approved N90, 000 for AFAS and I, the vice president presented a receipt of N48, 000 on meat alone. Then there was the case of N50, 000 spent on lights as against #40, 000 approved by the house.
Seeing, they say, is believing but when we do not look, we fail to see. It is succinct to reteriate that the association is heading towards being low on funds as a result of the programmes staged and large amounts spent by the executives. From Orientation week, to AFAS and I, to stakeholder’s meeting, huge amount of money has been spent. Now, people need to look, Afasites need to stre

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