If you are reading this, it is with a big grin I welcome you to the University of Ibadan, the first and the best. Congratulations, your chi has been incredibly good to you. I mean your ‘head’ saw you through the hurdles of Post UTME and the admission process, even Corona tried to stop your victory but omo, your God is greater. So don’t let anyone convince you less on this huge win. If they try to, tell them to do am if e easy. Now that you are finally here, there are certain things I will like to tell you, as UIte to UIte.

  1. Read o!
    I know you were the best in your secondary school, you wrote UI Post UTME and smashed it, you are good no doubt. But all of those are just the icing on the cake. You have to study more you’ve done. E shock you abi. E shock me too when I got here. UI doesn’t pride its self as the ‘first and best’ for no reason. The academic records and standards are taken seriously here. So the school will not hesitate to tsunamise you. Now, that word ‘tsunamise’ is one you have to learn here. Be sure to learn it fast. So, study, you no go like go back your papa house na. The virtual realities we have to deal with even make things a little harder. Now, you are at home by yourself, next to your bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner by your side, and there’s no one to motivate you to study. Shebi is when you see your friend going to the library, small shame will catch you and you will carry your book too. So, practice the discipline be your own motivation.
  2. Engage
    A complete student is not just made on good academic records, but good academic records and a balanced social life. Know this, and know peace. It even harder now that school is virtual. You may want to be tempted to attend lectures and retreat to your personal life. But interestingly, the internet is a very wide place, you can reach out to millions of people and develop value-driven relationships. There are hundreds of associations you can join virtually, within the university. Find friends, connect with people and experience school from your room.
  3. Know thy enemy
    If school were physical, I’d probably tell you to avoid those ones that ask you to come for tutorials in their rooms. But since you are at home, I will just tell you to avoid those ones that whine you. You see ehn, you will definitely connect with your course mates, at least. But you see, among them are those ones that can whine you to death. They will be there among you, you will know them. They are always the ones calling you jacometer…now that’s another word you have to learn. They are the ones that have never read for an exam…’bro, as you see me ehn I never jack anything o’…meanwhile, they are doing the third revision. So when they come with their whining, just tell them avoid me.
    4.Maximize the experience
    I am aware that you probably filled UI in your jamb form with smiles in your face, hoping to one day visit UI Zoo, but now that Corona has given you general market, what can you do? While you may be lamenting not being able to access KDL, eat at Zik caf, do Idia 101, virtual learning is equally an amazing experience. Many people would want to at least have a feel of what virtual learning feels like. So maximize the opportunity, stay safe in your homes and enjoy school…that’s if network allows you sha. Take these pieces of advice seriously, and you will eat he good of the land. I can’t wait to have you on campus.
    With love and jollof,

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