Elizabeth Inda-John

If you’ve been on campus recently, you can confirm that there’s been an influx of little vampires called HorseFlies. As I type this, my legs still itches me.

It has been a week of pure torture on my skin as on the skin of many other UItes. Their teeth are sharp like razor and they are quick to suck deep.

Some of the consequences of their bites are; dizziness, nausea, difficulty in swallowing and weakness. Experienced one of this recently? You’ve been bitten.

Fortunately for us, horseflies are not new and people have gotten through their bites. After much research, here are some ways to prevent Horsefly bites:

  • Wear long clothes: We understand that the sun is hot and it’s not comfortable but believe me it is better to suffer a little than to be miss UI’SU week or other juicy department and faculty activities- because you’re weak. Bring out your long pants, replace the shorts, your long sleeves and socks are not left out.
  • Avoid Grasses: You already have a habit of crossing the lawns, thanks to the horseflies you’ll get a better habit. If you also want to take pictures in grassy areas, think of how the dark spots on your legs (due to Horsefly bites) would make the best aesthetics.
  • Avoid dark areas or dark clothing: It has been proven that horseflies love darkness. Dark areas and dark clothing attracts them faster than you can say Jack. It is time to go bright, wear bright colors and stay in lighted environments.
  • Invest in Insect Repellent Creams : You can flout the first two preventive measures if you have this. Get this at pharmacy stores or shopping malls and walk around like John Cena because these HorseFlies can not see you.
  • Stay Indoors: I don’t think I understand people whose classes are all online, but prefer to come to school everyday. I don’t. This is the most effective preventive measure; stay away from school. Stay in your hostel, stay in your apartments, stay indoors and stop itching! Come to school only when absolutely necessary.

We don’t know how long these pest would remain in our school but for now, protect yourself. Research shows that it might take a month or two to get them out. Till then, get your socks and strut like royalty.

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