AFAS FLC talks tough as Executives laxity dawdle plenary


By Olanshile Ogunrinu

The tardiness and unpreparedness of the Akoem-led Team Altruism which overshadowed the plenary session of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students’ Legislative Council (AFAS FLC) has made the house decry the “sheer mediocrity of the executives”.

The executive president was found wanting at the beginning of the plenary session, which was requested by the executive council upon diverse agenda which includes: Presentation of the ID card budget, Presentation of the super 4 budget, Presentation of the Inter-Level football competition, Budget for a refund of payment made for excursion and the financial review of the outstanding on the AFAS package.

Also, the budget presented to the house by the Sports director was thrown out as it bore no date, was not addressed to the house and contained no signature. The House, in its report, likens the paper on which the budget was written as one made for wrapping, while asserting the importance of following due process while presenting a budget worthy of the house’s scrutiny.

The President, who was absent at the beginning of the session, also presented the budget for a refund of payment made for excursion last session, which was suspended because the Treasurer could not provide the figures of the amount left by the previous executive administration. The president claimed the previous administration left about N300,000 which includes the payment for excursion made by AFASITES, but the claim could not be confirmed. The budget was suspended till proper investigation is made to the effect.

The ID card budget presented by the president was also suspended because of the president’s inability to include a proposal with the budget.

In the report of the plenary signed by Hon. Janet Meziem, the house’s spokesperson and Rt. Hon. Olasoji, the Speaker of the house berates the executive for their unpreparedness.

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