Blessing Iviero

Me: I asked an old for a financial advice and he showed me this picture. I have been trying to understand it since:

Na you send everybody your pictures say tomorrow na your birthday, Na you still con dey shout the love is too much. Shey you dey whine me nhi?

Your boyfriend will soon annoy you, but don’t fight back my sis 😇. It is a trap ooo, CHRISTMAS don dey around the corner 😋😋

My ex used to speak 4 languages fluently, you wan know am abi? Yoruba, English, Lies and Jargon.

Person wey I go meet for financial assistance dey brush teeth with salt😭 😭 😭. Na to dey go house na him remain but some stubborn ones go still ask.

When you slide in her Dm, then you realize she knows your girl. Abeg just respect yourself 🚶🚶

Make them no force this kind pikin to be a doctor or lawyer. He don choose hin own profession

When no one believes you, but it turns out you were right.

Less salary with good sleep is better than huge salary with bad sleep
Me with less salary and bad sleep:

Relationship wan break my bones. Nah the church wey I wan dey go be dis now

Is it true that pizza reduces menstrual pain or Angela wants to scam me?

Dating a slim guy is cool until you lay on his chest and his ribs draw ADIDAS on your face. 😎😎

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