My Two Cents on Movie Adaptation of Books


Precious Igwe

I don’t know, but I think every avid book lover and reader should agree with me on this: book authors and movie producers should stop trying to adapt great and popular books into a movie, it kind of kills it for us, right? Because they always end up ruining the beauty for us. Or maybe we should sign a contract with them to always stick to the book plot, and not add unnecessary and annoying bits. If only we could, lol.

I want to believe we are all on the same page. Or do you really love movie adaptations of books? Maybe I am the only one on this.

Okay, my point in detail? Back in the days, I used to be very excited when I learn that a book I love is being adapted into a movie, that is, the plot and story is being lifted from the pages of the book and taken to set and acted out in a movie. Yay, right? Oh, well. 

My excitement started to thin out when after I was done watching a much awaited movie, I would be annoyed because they had detailed so much from what actually happened in the book, or had added a whole lot of new stories to it.

Here are some quite popular movie adaptations and my thoughts on them. 


After is a famous Wattpad book series by Anna Todd. It is a cheesy romance trilogy (or maybe it went on to have more parts) that had everyone head over heels. For the Wattpad community at that time, it was an intriguing book, I loved it.  So imagine my elation and anticipation when the movie got produced.

The acting and characterization and everything was greatly overwhelming, however. Maybe if you watch it without reading the book, you would enjoy it. That was my first time seeing a movie adaptation, and I’d give it a 5. Bleh.


Wow, just wow. Shadow and Bone, the Six Crows is a trilogy too, by Leigh Bardugo. It is a fantasy series with the storyline of political/cultural raucous with streaks of romance, greatly sprinkled with mystery, magic, and alchemy. It is of Russian and Slavic roots.

They did not stray from the storyline. In fact, the book was perfectly represented in the movie, I felt like I was a character in the book whilst watching the movie, but they added “spices”. They infused an extra plot of totally different events and characters. I was always so pissed when those scenes came on because I felt like my time was being wasted. At least, they didn’t dare to turn the original storyline upside down. It was satisfying.

I’d turn a blind eye to those unwanted extras and give the adaptation an 8.


By Karen M. McManus. Okay! I think everyone read this book during the lockdown. You did not? Oops. It is an amazing and electrifying read. I read it more than twice.

When it was later announced as an upcoming Netflix series, I had mixed feelings. Upset, because I already had my fair share of underwhelming movie adaptations; happy because of course, I’d really love to see One Of Us Is Lying in action.

So, I was disappointed at it. It felt like a different movie, not something that was originally a book. And it was VERY GOOD, in fact I am anticipating the third season. Yes, the producers are going on and on milking the show and making so many seasons. I am just disappointed that it is no longer in tally with the book. 

I’d give it a 9, as a movie on its own, and a 6 as an adaptation of a book.

Will I continue seeing movie adaptations of books I love? Yes, I can’t help it. Will I complain if I find them ridiculous? Yes, yes. 

Take my reviews as movie recommendations too. Go check these movies out, maybe check the books out too. Gracias. 

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