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These past few days, this picture has been in circulation on Twitter. Everyone keeps asking Tweeps (Twitter users) for opinions about different topics – music, food, education, schools, people, countries, and just anything anyone can think of – that would put them in this situation, that is, saying something so controversial that people could have knives to your neck (it won’t happen literally, you know?)

Boom! It gave us the idea to ask for controversial opinions about the Faculty of Arts, not on Twitter, though. If you are a huge Twitter user, you must have been seeing this trend. So, sorry, if you are tired of it and then you come across this article again; I promise, this is different, just because it is not on Twitter (yeah, whatever).

We asked random people about unpopular, or maybe popular, chaotic, controversial, and random opinions they have about the Faculty of Arts, and here we go!

1. “The students there are just vibes and Inshallah

They said you people are… empty barrels? I don’t know. Just vibes and inshallah.
This is quite offensive, though, and very disagreeable.
Me looking at whoever said this like:

2. “The Executives do not have sense.”


3. “Arts guys are not the finest or the richest. Have you seen Tech guys?”

They said you men should not parade yourselves as the finest and richest of the bunch. You should go learn from the men in the Faculty of Tech. Oopsss!

4. “They are really, really talented in that faculty. A faculty of creatives. I think they are underrated.

Finally, a good opinion! Breath of fresh air.
This person did not lie. Cheers to every creative and skilled person in the Faculty of Arts. Our shoulders are so high right now.

5. “It is a lazy faculty, both the students and the management. The management, in particular, is so nonchalant. We are always lagging. Now, tell me why we are yet to resume online classes like other faculties and this is week 3!”

This might just be the most chaotic opinion. I hope SDC isn’t nearby. But, did this person lie? Basically, no.
Sometimes I like the slowness, most times I don’t.

6. “I will always admire how liberal they are. Life is not hard for them, they take everything softly.

One person complains about how lackadaisical the faculty is, meanwhile someone out there loves how the faculty does not take things so seriously. Plus, they said you all are liberal! Yes, purrrrr.

We have seen the opinions, from the normal ones to the chaotic ones.
Do you agree with these opinions?

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