On Timing and UI SU’s Freshers Cup


Veronica Giwa and Ikhenaode Efeomon Promise

The Freshers’ Cup of the 2022/2023 session is a first of its kind in the University of Ibadan. It happened early into the semester; at a time Freshmen are still trying to navigate the surf.

On one hand, it could be argued that this was an activity that could further integrate the freshers into the university, and on the other, it could be viewed as a right event with a wrong timing. This is because, considering the time it held, it could be a distraction for fresh students whose concentration should be on their academics.

Speaking on the timing of the event, if it’s appropriate or not, Fatoki Ifeoluwapo, a student of European studies agrees with the former.

“I think it’s better this way. Usually, after lectures become serious, the process of recruiting new players in time for training is usually too short because when school work starts fully, everyone becomes busy”.

“There’s enough time to balance. And these freshers will easily bounce back on their feet and balance school and football”, She added.

Another AFASite, Adeyemi David Taiwo, from CLA also argued that the time was right. Validating his point, he said, “holding it later in the semester would mean it is either close to exams or, it is after exams and a lot of people would have gone home. I played interhall basketball last semester and the decision to hold it at the end of the semester was very detrimental as several of our key players were unable to play”.

“On the contrary, getting involved in extracurricular activities can help you settle in and give you a much needed break from the academic burden. It’s not very time consuming and shouldn’t pose a distraction to the average student”, he pointed out.

A student, who prefers to be anonymous, disagreed saying “I believe the competition was held too early as some freshers had not yet settled into the school system and therefore, yet to determine their interest in which clubs to join, as a result some sport persons among them might be unable to partake in the match, defeating the purpose of the activity”.

Anwojesu Ifeoluwa also corroborated this saying “I think it would have been better if it was held later because some halls weren’t fully prepared, my hall, Queen Idia is an important example”.

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