UI University Health Service Announces Preventive Measures From Upper Respiratory Tract Infection


Lawal Maruf

The University Health Service (UHS), University of Ibadan has reeled out preventive measures to reduce the increasing cases of patients infected with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) in recent times which has had a significant impact on staff and students due to the time spent on seeking medical treatment, the period of recovery, and a decrease in the clinic’s resources.

According to the internal memorandum released on Friday 16, 2024, which was signed by the Director of Health Service, Dr Aderonke B. Ajav, a large number of patients complained about the symptoms of URTI, which is caused by environmental conditions.

“It has been noticed that most of those visiting the clinic in recent times present with features of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) for which environmental conditions are known major contributors. URTI contributes to significant avoidable loss of man hours at school (for students) and the workplace (for staff) both from time spent seeking care and the period of recovery, as well as rapid depletion of hospital resources.”

To reduce the number of the cases and prevent the spread of the infection, Dr Aderonke implored the members of the university community to adopt the use of face masks, practice good hygiene, consume more citrus fruits, increase the intake of water, and avoid crowded places.

She noted that it has been projected by the Nigeria Meteorological Agency that air temperature could remain high up to 40°C in the coming days.

Also, to reduce the negative effect of high temperature, she advised the general public to not only seek shades, use fans, and wear light breathable clothings, but also avoid strenuous physical outdoor activities during peak heat hours and stay indoors as much as possible between the hours of 12noon and 4pm.

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