A Recap: AFAS ARTLAS Fashion Exhibition


Eniola Awolesi

On Friday, February 9, 2024, the Association of Faculty of Arts (AFAS) hosted an exhibition titled ARTLAS in the faculty quadrangle. Despite a delayed start, the event turned out to be an impressive showcase of creativity and talent, which featured a fashion show, talent hunt, and artistry awards. However, AFASites raised some controversial issues as a result of the event.

The evening began with an opening prayer led by the Faculty President, Olaniyi Esther, which was followed by a welcoming speech that highlighted the purpose of the program. In her speech, she emphasized that the event celebrated creativity and artistic talent.

However, the event started approximately two hours after the scheduled call time. Of course, this prompted mixed reactions from attendees. While some went with the excuse story that the delay was intentional to allow all classes to end for the day, others claimed a meeting or organisational issue was causing the delay. Interestingly, however, some murmurs suggested that delay had become a trend in AFAS events. Hereon began one of the controversial issues raised concerning the program.

Despite the lateness, once the event started, it captivated the audience, who soon forgot the pain of waiting and showed their vibrant energy. The fashion show kicked off the order of the program, where several models showcased a stunning array of outfits crafted by the talented designers in the faculty. Each designer presented their creations in classy and sophisticated pieces. The event also featured a giveaway by Enzy Spencer, which added the thrill of competition, excitement, and anticipation to the program.

As the evening progressed, other creatives in various artistic disciplines displayed a show of talent. It ranged from poetry recitations to singing performances and rap “battles”. The talent hunt segment also allowed students a platform to showcase their skills and express their art. The quadrangle was abuzz with music and applause as each performer took and left the stage.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the presentation of the ARTLAS Awards, which recognized fifteen individuals for their outstanding contributions to and in their art. The awards spanned various categories, including the ones for Fashion Designers, Content Creators, Hair Stylists, Poets and Spoken Word Artists, ARTLAS coordinators, and Artists of the Semester. The recipients were presented with their awards by a special guest and alumni, who was a special adviser to the Governor of Oyo State and once the Faculty president.

Controversially, amidst the celebration of creativity and talent, some AFASites questioned the necessity of giving out fifteen awards at this event, considering that AFAS usually holds a dinner event later in the semester where many creatives will be awarded.

After the event, some AFASites were asked their impression of the event, and they offered varied perspectives. While some expressed satisfaction and enjoyment, citing the entertaining atmosphere and impressive talent on display, others expressed disappointment with the delayed start and organizational issues. One attendee, who preferred to remain anonymous, expressed her satisfaction, stating, “I needed a break from this semester’s wahala. When did we start and we’re already in the 6th week? That was all the break I needed, please.”

Not to downplay the entertainment the event offered, another attendee voiced concerns about the lack of punctuality and professionalism. She suggested that improvements could be made in future events to ensure a smoother and more seamless experience for attendees.

Overall, despite the challenges of a delayed start, the event succeeded in the celebration and showcase of the rich artistic aura within the faculty. If AFAS continues to promote and support the arts, there should be room for reflection and improvement to ensure that future events are executed with precision and professionalism.

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