ITeMS Rolls Out Guidelines for Students Network/Internet Access


Lawal Maruf

The Information Technology & Media Services (ITeMS), University of Ibadan, has on Monday, February 19, 2024, rolled out procedures and guidelines for accessible network and internet services for the student populace.

In a mail sent to the school email accounts of the students, they highlighted the information that would guarantee access to the internet services on campus and the “Acceptable Use Policy” (AUP) that every user must abide with.
According to the AUP, students are to exercise caution and care when using the facility as its use is only meant for academic purpose.

“By using the internet/network access provided by the University of Ibadan, users agree to the University’s Information Technology and Media Services Policy, as published and as amended whenever the need arises. The University is providing access to its computer networks and the internet for educational purposes only. It is the duty of the users to always exercise utmost care and reasonable care.”

Warning against the misuse of the access, students are advised not to breach the agreement or divert the internet access to any other use different from the stipulated agreement, which could cause harm to the University and any other user.

“The University understands and believes that benefits of the rich, digital resources available through the  World Wide Web outweigh any disadvantage. However, access granted by the University is not a right but a privilege, which carries with it great responsibilities. Misuse or abuse will be interpreted very broadly to mean any violation of this agreement or any other use that is not included in the agreement but has the effect of harming the university and /or any other legitimate user,” the mail further read.

Also highlighting the rules that guide the use of the internet access, it stated that users are not allowed to share an account with a third party, transfer the account to another user, interfere with others’ use of services or with the university employees, as the access is being monitored by the university for protective and integrity reasons.

Meanwhile, students are also encouraged to change their passwords through the provided link on their first login and periodically. Any user found guilty of violating the agreement would have his/her internet access terminated and also face disciplinary actions.

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