There are two gorillas. And oh! They eat carrots and get it every day. So, one day, he second gorilla gets a banana from the handler and the first gorilla would really love to benefit as well from the love. At some point, the gorilla refuses to eat carrots. But he should! Who will eat carrots if he begins to eat banana? C’mon boy! Place your ass back on that sit and eat your bananas.

Also, there is a field with white and black men on it. The black men have to count the number of times the ball is being passed among the white. A gorilla comes in and the role changes; everyone is supposed to focus on the gorilla or would get distracted.

And then, there is this black of every black man who seems to be timid at the sight of the future. He either refuses to be told or would avoid any discussion about it, Harold. He is still eating his carrots in expectation of a banana and he is still looking at the gorilla when the ball has been taken. ‘Why am I looking at the gorilla when I am supposed to be looking at the ball?’

Harold works for Richard, one man who is involved in some dirty drug shit which Harold is unaware of. He gets his job with the help of his very close friend, Richard who he trusts with his life. Richard also gives Harold’s wife the job of designing his loft. Oh! Do you not think that seems so personal? And now Harold gets to find out that the company is about to be merged and he would definitely lose his money, insurance and job.  He asks Richard who assures him that everything is alright. Richard, on the other hand, suspects that Harold knows his plan but later dismisses that thought as Harold acts innocent.  

It really was so funny that everyone saw Harold as a smart guy for jobs especially secret jobs which he does without questioning (at least, he was not supposed to think about it or question his boss) and not a smart guy who could defend himself and fight for what is truly his. 

Richard and Elaine, Harold’s bosses are involved in the production of medical marijuana chill pill which they call Cannabax and wish to establish themselves as the major producer and distributor of this drug. In order to achieve this, Richard decides to manipulate the popular Africa movie guru, David Oyelowo who acts as Harold Soyinka in the movie. Harold thinks Richard is his friend but doesn’t know that he is being used by Richard who also gets underneath his wife pants as well. Harry finds out, disappears and kidnaps himself. He demands for a ransom of $5 million but gets the shock of his life that Richard and Elaine would just not pay the ransom, they had also let his insurance lapse.

Richard has before now been selling his product to a drug lord, Black Panther, who after Richard decides not to sell to any longer, mistakes Harold as the boss. Now, Harold is in a deep mess. Harold does not condemn his wife when he finds out that she has been sleeping with his boss. 

But this story is beyond Harold trying to recover what is truly his or escaping from the hands of Blank Panther, it is about being good even at the face of danger. This is one of the attributes which both Sunny and the audience find attractive.

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