Veteran Nigerian Super Eagles coach, Mr Adegboye Onigbinde in an interview with Punch.ng, maintained that the sports sector of the country has been on stagnancy since independence. He blamed the underdeveloped sports sector on the ineffectiveness of the system. Talking about the country’s success in major tournaments including Olympics, he described the country’s success as epileptic. 

In his words: “These are flashes of success and we did not come about them because we carefully planned to achieve them. If we had planned well, we should be reaping from the fruits today. An adage says, when one fails to plan, he is planning to fail – that is what is happening with Nigerian sports. There is no particular planned framework that could be said to be responsible for the successes we recorded at those competitions.

“We do well in a competition today and in the next edition, we will not be able to repeat such. In the past, we depended mainly on home – grown talents for competitions but since we have failed to plan adequately, we have recently been depending on foreign talents and those trained by other countries to do well at competitions – that won’ t guarantee us success, it will only bring one- time success and after that we go back to what we used to be.”
Culled from: punchng.com

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