Merriam Webster Dictionary defines knowledge to mean information, understanding, or skill that you get from experience or from education. It is an awareness of something. You start learning right from birth to grave. It is only a dead person that doesn’t learn or acquire knowledge again. As far as we live, it is of utmost necessity to acquire knowledge in our everyday lives knows .You shouldn’t forget that no man knows everything, even a professor it much about little, and that’s a reason for you to learn a new thing every day.

You are what you eat, and you become what you study in school. You can’t study chemistry and be given English certificate after graduating. If you want to live long and wish to live in good health, you have to eat balance diet, do exercise and other important things that can make you live healthy. Likewise, if you want to be academically sound you need to also read good books. You will be wrong to believe that attending the best school, best institution, or study one of the best courses will make you the best, but this only grooms you to be sound and brings about a form of respect. Being in the best school does not mean that the lecturers will come to class and teach you all you need to know, one must burn the midnight oil to achieve more beyond the four walls of the classrooms. You need not to just study to make thyself approve to the society but also for your self-satisfaction and development. 

Furthermore, you can’t claim to have attended one of the best institutions and be incompetent in the use of grammar: not knowing how to spell words correctly, using of part of speeches wrongly, or not knowing how to punctuate your sentences perfectly. Don’t give excuses for your lack of incompetence in the language on the fact that the language is not an L1 (major language of the native speakers).Even the acclaimed mother tongue has not been well articulated, punctuated and written well. If it takes a mechanic apprentice three to four years to become his own master, then there is absolutely no boundary stopping you from gaining proficiency in another man’s language. 

Truth about life is that you can’t give what you do not have. The amount of knowledge dispensed by an individual to others, depend largely on how much knowledge he or she has been able to acquire. How can he give what he doesn’t have, and how can he teach what he knows not? This perhaps explains failures in secondary school final exams. These students were most likely taught by teachers who had little to pass across. The school in her bid to inculcate knowledge can only do a fraction of it.  We are majorly responsible for our intellectual development. 

An aphorism says, “The child who knows how to wash his hands will dine with the elders.” If you wash your hands very well and in right way, you will dine and wine with those you never expect you’ll dine with in live. You be in gardens of elders making solutions to problems. How do you now dine and wine with those who are older than you are? How could you be part of the decision making body? The answer to it is as simple as drinking juice-You seek for kknowledge, more knowledge. It will make you relevant in all aspects of life. For any decision to be taken, you’ll be needed even if you’re not around, you’ll be waited for to come back or you may be call upon to come and say something before anything could be done. 

In conclusion, knowledge acquisition should not be a respecter of individuals; it should be obtain from anyone regardless of the age or status quo. Absolute dedication to the cause of acquiring knowledge will also pay off at the end of the day.

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