By kehinde Soetan


Name: Afolabi, Moses Eniola

Department : Philosophy

Level: 300l

Opinion: These tricycles are limited to some spaces on campus except you want to take a drop. It is not really encouraging in aspect of time. For instance, you have a 7:00am class, you’ll have to wait for three people going to the same place of which is similar to cab.


Name: Olagunju Elizabeth

Dept: Communication and Language Art

Level: 200l

Opinion: The reasons the use of motorcyle is proscribed on campus are not real enough to me. Also, the idea of tricycle is not helping Uites at all. They should bring back use of motorcycle on campus.





Name: Adegbembo Toluwanimi

Dept: English

Level: 300

Opinion: The welfare of the students should be asked before proscribing it. The means of transportation is only restricted to bus stop which contrary to motorcycles. In short, I see no difference between tricycle and cab.



Name: Hope Olufemi

Dept: History

Level: 200l

Opinion: The idea of tricycles on campus is not really working at all because this tricycle causes rowdiness and its conveyance is disorganised. They should bring back motorcycles.

Name: Adelere Oluwaseyi

Dept: Linguistics

Level: 400

Opinion: The use of tricycle is not a very good idea at all. Also, we Awoites arereally charged by the drivers

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