On the 5th of July 2019, the street of the University of Ibadan was flooded with aggrieved workers, agitating for their constitutional right of living and earning. The teachers of the staff school, under the umbrella of the SSANU, came out all in black, with their placards reading,” we want our rights back”.

However, the reason for the protest as garnered from participants ranged from the dictatorial tendencies of the vice chancellor, who relegated them to the dregs in the school system, and also for non-payment of salaries. According to one of the participants, who spoke to AFAS press, pleading anonymous, ‘the case of unpaid salaries and other entitlements is the major instigator of the protest. First we were rusticated from the school system for which we sort legal actions, with the court ruling in our favor. The VC, disregarding the rulings of the court, brought us in as part staffs in the staff school, paying us less that 75% of our salaries. Even at that, the salary is not being as at when due, with a lapse of four months and still counting. We are out because we want our needs met, we are an integral part of the school system and we must be treated as so”. The agitator also lamented about the unfair and unjust treatment given to teachers in the staff school.

The procession of agitators made their way to the senate meeting, where a meeting of senate members was in progress. There they sang their solidarity chant, all hoping that their needs would be duly considered.

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