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A young man in the early 90s was asked what he would like to study by his father and this broke out;

Father – What would you like to study in the university?

Son – I would like to do “music”

Father – What!, what do you mean by music?

Son – I would….

Father – just hold it there!!! When your elder brothers are doing prestigious and professional courses, all you would like to do is “music”, can you even hear yourself out?


The above conversation is not different from how some Africans view education in the Arts. Some of us tend to think that the course of study determines everything one will achieve or become. But that, unfortunately, is not the case. Surprisingly, the young man involved in the conversation above rose to be a legend of music in Africa, after he went against his father’s admonition. He became far richer and famous than his brothers who went to study prestigious and professional courses as they are tagged. His name was FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI.


The above incident had taken place in the mid 19’s. Sadly, it is well decorated in this century of ours. Some African parents only think about money, fame respect etc when advising their wards on what to study in school. The resultant effect is not far-fetched; the ward(s) study to become unqualified and unemployable graduates whose capacity in their fields of study pale in comparison to his contemporaries who were not influenced on what to study. Sadly, this mentality of ours limits the creative potentials of our youths, who ought to be the leaders of tomorrow. Do you know that Falz, a Nigerian artiste went into music after obtaining a law degree in a foreign university? Who knows? He might have been faced with a similar case. As a matter of fact, the present Governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki, studied Classics, one of the rarest courses in Nigeria. I am certain that he would have been dissuaded by his parents at some point in time about his course of study but now look at the ladder of success he has climbed.


So the question still remains hanging; WHEN SUCCESS KNOCKS DOES SHE ASK FOR YOUR COURSE OF STUDY? Let’s change the way we think. Let’s say NO to unjustified underestimation and limitation to creativity!!!


From a concerned UITE



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