The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing— Walt Disney

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility- Eleanor Roosevolt

Above all, the price of greatness is responsibility- Winston Churchill


Leadership is not a great mystery. It is something very easy to imbibe or cultivate. Nothing in skirts and blouses can convincingly say they are oblivious to what leadership entails and how they can have their blood soaked in it. It has, however, been the case that many are called but only few are chosen to be a leader. If coercion, persuasiveness or fraud is committed to lift or place one high on this bar, then it becomes an outcry for help. No leader needs conviction to get work done, he is lead by a foresight to move ahead even in the most questionable of times. Apparently, we can only have a situation like this if an individual voluntarily sign up for this role of leadership. That has been the case of the leaders representing the interest of AFASITES at various arm. The position of the Faculty Legislative Council and the Executive were brought under scrutiny in the previous weeks and one would have thought for a minute that the Council of Presidents and Students were not in the larger picture of faculty leaders.

It, however, seem like the insignificant shades worn by the council of presidents and secretaries is about to be put under dock. Everyone seems to be curious about who the new night watch is and anticipating the implementation of his invoking words. The captains of this industry in past time have been all talk and no show—nothing in action to spark their importance. Even the emergency congress that was held a few weeks ago was mainly geared by the executives in their bid to get the needed done for the freshers’ welcome. Series of their negligence and gross irresponsibility were noted by the press in the 2015/16 academic session when they refused to create an electoral committee to charge up electoral activities in the faculty. But of course, their alibis were flimsy excuses that never held water and at that gloomy period, the FLC was applauded for their rightful intervention that fateful year. Perhaps the words of the Faculty adviser, Dr. Adams Akewula, on check and balances echoed back then as the Faculty Legislative council took great strides in doing their job. There were reports that the CPS never came into public service because of what they wanted to change but were rather on a quest to fill their pockets and come around seeking for a gold medal at the end of the session depicting what Gandhi said about people tending to forget their duties but only to remember their rights. Other sessions passed along and no article or rather, quite a few, were written about them as a matter of no commendation. No bid to rekindle past events here but have we not always had to size up present situations by what happened in the past? With a new night watch in town, fingers are crossed and everyone may have to sit in transfixed to allow him do his job.

The new chairman elect seems to be striving on a regard for discipline as a chore—a kind of order that set one free to fly. His Martin-Luther king speeches horns down the very need of an employer recognizing his obligations to his employees. His era may be one whereby organs of the association may have to walk on their toes and keep their dirty linens far buried deep into the ground. Judging by the recent happenings in the chairman-elect department, he would go at any length to detect frivolous and fraudulent actions. He is on the sole track to clean the Augean stable and make everyone accountable for their actions. Mr. Awoyemi is channeled towards a forward momentum.

It has been noted that great leaders rarely question themselves but rather listen to their inner voice and trust it completely, allowing it to be their guide with each step they take, even as they move in a direction no one has moved before and try to disentangle themselves from the rest of the world. It is of a wise decision to listen to this inner voice to guide one’s path especially when there are so many conflicting interests. A leader at this phrase takes the bull by the horn and do as he seem please but remember , such autocratic path may become dreadful when the voices of those who you claim to govern are not heard. The best counsel oftentimes comes from those who are governed. The association of the Faculty of Arts’ students, unlike other association, are known to bear out their grievances and expect their supposed leaders to give a listening hear. They are fully integrated into the whole system of who leads and who follows and will not disguise their contempt to anyone who falls short of their expectations.

The new chair-man elect may look all ready up for the task ahead—to set things straight and put things in order but he should tread softly as critiques and AFASITES reading his charismatic piece will constantly be on the lookout for the changes he intend to bring to the council.

More importantly, emotions and attitude, which the chairman-elect is also familiar with, are abstract terms that do not come in abstract. The office of the chairman of the council is just like any other leadership in any organization or setting. The ability to be able to handle both in one’s dispensation of duty is paramount as governed humans will always come up with provoking thoughts, rebuke and shades in whatsoever form. These are just candid advice to apply as the job of the night watch commences.



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