By Ifeoluwa Ekpeti

Prof. Olufemi Ezekiel Adeleke, professor of pharmaceutical Microbiology, had stated that the combat against microbial antimicrobial resistance remains a battle. He said this while delivering his inaugural lecture titled Combating the invisibles and invincibles—a running battle which was recently held at Lake Side Lecture Theatre.

While speaking on the topic, Prof. Adeleke presented an exposition on the nature and diverse activities of microbes in pharmacy and pharmacy practice, especially in regards to interactions between microbes and different antimicrobial agents.

According to him, the interactions have been related to the sustainability or otherwise of using such agents to inhibit or stop outrightly the objectionable effect of microbes, giving rise to the detection and identification of different types of bacteria resistance.

Also, he spoke on the importance of public health as there was a need for individuals to avoid self-implicating drugs through careless consumption of cottage food amidst others.

Adeleke, on the other hand, points out that the combat against microbial antimicrobial resistance has been challenging and they have endlessly been on the run to providing through research efforts, better alternative antibiotics and suitable natural/ herbal products.

He suggested that the department of pharmaceutical Microbiology should go in line with The Pharmacist Council of Nigeria in making Biotechnology coexist with pharmaceutical microbiology since modern biotechnology produces complementary role in the fight against microbial drug resistance.

In conclusion, he made it known that the coexistence or accommodation of both fields should be reflected in the departmental name.


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