Backpacks are extremely comfortable and they are in trend now but you may think that a backpack is not very easy to style: you risk looking like a teenager and not like a stylish and chic girl. What are the outfits to wear, which would look cool with backpacks and still look grownup? Here are some ideas to try.




Jeans and backpacks seem to be created for each other. A top, sweater, jacket on a ripped jean, mummy jeans, and shorts of any colour with sneakers or slip-ons creates a comfy casual look.










Backpacks on skirts

Skirts and backpacks are a great fit. And it could be a flair skirt, miniskirt or long skirts.











Backpacks and pants

If you take a pant suit or just office-like pants, you can create a chic office look with a backpack. Add a shirt or a put on heels or slip-ons and take a backpack and a great workout. It is made!



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