MOVIE REVIEW: Money heist (LA casa de papel) review



hMoney Heist is a crime drama series set in Spain created by Alex Puna, premiered on2 may 2017 on Spanish network Antena 3. The movie is quite intriguing and one that keeps viewers glued to the screen as it gets exciting with every watch. The movie revolves around a prepared fascinating robbery in the history of Spain led by Alvaro Morte, an enigmatic character from outside known as THE PROFESSOR where he also recruited about other eight robbers who were given country names focusing on Tokyo (UrsulaCorbero) who narrated the story.


The season1of the movie entailed when the robbery stage started. It was intriguing, and the next step of the cast could not be predicted. The professor who led the robbery controlled it from outside, predicted and got every single move made by the police. His tactics was unusual and captivated the officer that led the operation known as Itziar ITUN Oracquel murrilio. During the course of the operation, he fell in love with the inspector and at the end of the robbery (which was successful) they met and were together.


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