Afolasade Ola

Paul Olusanya Owoeye, a teaching assistant in the department of English and a tutor for GES 101 and 201 had died on Saturday, 31st of August, 2019.

This information was related by Dr. Kazeem Adeniyi, a lecturer of literature studies, to students of his class and correspondents from AFAS PRESS.

According to him, the deceased was involved in an automobile accident where he sustained a broken left-leg about two to three weeks ago and was admitted immediately for treatment.

”I dont know how it all happened, I just got to know that he was involved in an accident. I called him up to find out what happened and I was told it was an automobile accident. Thereafter, I went to pay him a visit at the hospital he was receiving treatment on a Saturday. I was planning a repetition of my visit last weekend but I had a problem with my car so I couldn’t see him till I heard the news about his demise this morning”.

Speaking on the cause of the accident encountered by the vicitm, Dr. Adebiyi, stated that information had it that the deceased was hit by a driver who was still in his early stage of learning how to drive while another information posit that Owoye had improperly packed his car and the driver, unaware, moved his car and collided with that of the victim—this part of the information has, however, been contested by many.

In relation to the narratives above, Dr. Adebiyi had moved on to advised individuals and students to be careful as there were no other duplicate to lives.

While also consoling with the bereaved family, the lecturer adds that the effect of the tragedy will linger for a long time on the family and the department who has taken to solemnity.

Speaking to another lecturer in the department, Owoeye had assured him that he would be discharged on the 5th of September but unfortunately, he had passed on before the stipulated day.

According to more report gathered, Owoeye is expected to have been married later on in September and should have marked another year on the 2nd of September.

Meanwhile, a candle night session by the department was held in the evening at the faculty quadrangle on Monday, 2nd September 2019.


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