In compliance with the resolution made at the stakeholders meeting on Friday, 8th of November 2019, the Faculty Legislative Council (FLC) has proceeded to file out an electoral process to fill up vacant positions in the house.

The election which foresaw the emergence of Hon. Olumide Osinuga as the new speaker of the house was presided over by Hon. Jeremiah  Usman from English Constituency.
Speaking on his newly sworn in position, Hon. Olumide Osinuga addresses concerns by members of the house on his autocratic ruling has perceived when he was Acting Speaker.

“When I was elected as the deputy speaker of the house, I stated explicitly that I will ensure that every member of the house ‘belonged’ to a committee and now that I have been made the Speaker of the house, I will ensure that members ‘serve’ in this committee. I am not a bossing leader, I am a serving leader”.

Nominated for the vacant posts in the house are: Hon. Olasoji Akindejoye from Linguistics and African languages (Deputy Clerk); Hon. Shukurak Yusuff from Commuunication and Language Art (Clerk); Hon. Emmanuella Okwudiri from Philosophy constituency (Deputy Speaker); and Hon. Olumide Osinuga from Religious studies constituency as the Speaker of the house.

Below is the total number of votes cast:
Hon. Olasoji Deputy Clerk 13votes
Hon. Shukurah Clerk 12votes
Hon. Emmanuella Deputy Speaker 10 votes
Hon. Olumide Osinuga Speaker 11 votes

It is, however, worthy to note that pending the period the election was conducted on Wednesday, 13th of November and now, the former speaker of the house, Hon. Peter Olagunju, is yet to tender his official letter of resignation.

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