Azeez Damilola


It is no longer news that in about two weeks time, the long awaited student union election will be held. As students of this great catedel of learning, it is our duty to vote for who will represent us in government. This is the only opportunity for us for us to determine who is representing us, who is serving as a link between us and the school management. At this point, it will then be very unwise for us to refuse to vote just anybody because of a personal reason. Now is the time for us to be incisive.

Just as it is important to make the right choice in every area of our lives, it is also important that we make the right choice in the forth coming election. We must also also have it at the back of our minds as we prepare for the election that political apathy is not an option. We must not be indifferent about who wins or who does not. We must be interested in who speaks our mind to the management. We are intellectuals and we must be involved in whatever happens around us. We must exercise our political rights and bring in the candidate we believe will represent us well and make a change.

Voting in an election makes you feel like you are a part of something. It is a medium of expression.  It would be difficult to accept the results of an election or policy we are not a part of. It will also be too late to blame a candidate you did not vote for. Vote because you are part of the system. Vote because it is your right. Vote to show that you are concern. Vote to show that you are excited. Vote because your vote matter.

As much as it is right to vote, it is important to vote for the right person. Don’t just vote because  you know the person, vote because you believe in the person. Vote because of what you believe the person can do to help the students. You should know your candidate and ask questions about them before you vote for them. It really matters. Vote for someone who is honest, compassionate, confidence, flexible and full of integrity. Don’t vote because the person comes to your hostel or do any other thing. Don’t vote for the present rather, vote for the future. Here are some reasons you must vote the right candidate:

The student union is a body that ensures responsible leadership both from the management and student. It creates a link between the students and the authority, not only the school authority but also the government of the state or country. It is therefore important to vote for a candidate that promises to ensure an amiable atmosphere between the students and government. This will help to ensure unity and progress in the institution. Just like the adage that says “United we stand, divided we fall”. We must vote for a candidate that is known for ensuring peace and unity in whatever capacity they have served previously.

It is also vital to vote for a candidate who is ready to enhance the social, cultural, intellectual and recreational interest of the student. These four aspects can not be over looked, as they help to integrate the students academically, socially, morally and in other indespensable aspects of school life. We must vote for a candidate who has plans for these various aspects.

In addition, it is essential to vote for the right candidate who exibit a sense of responsibility and accountability. We must vote for a candidate who is known for being accountable for his actions and take responsibility. Only such a candidate will be ready to give a honest account of the day-to-day running of the union board.

Voting for the right candidate would not only give us  a sense of responsibility. It will also give us a sense fulfillment. Socrates once said, ” the only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance.” We all have the know of what is good or evil. It is then left to us to take a step to do what is right by voting and choosing the right candidate in the forth coming election.



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