The society consists of large percentage of youth who are seen as the future of the society. The youthful age is characterised by being agile, vigorous, hyperactive and having intellectual prowess. Therefore, most society look up to these youths as the future of tomorrow and see politics as art or science concerned with winning and controlling government. Politics is a serious business that requires intellectualism and active participation of citizens if they truly  want to right the wrongs of their leaders. However, the way politics is run in Nigeria overtime has been on the old people being always shouldered the responsibility of ruling, except on rare cases of youth being in government. Thus, these young minds with fresh ideas are dropped in the dustbin of “inexperienced “.

But it is important to note that youth participation in politics is very essential to the uplift of our dear nations, unlike old men who may have become inactive in decision making, youth tend to have  innovative ideas.

Furthermore, youth who have engaged themselves in extracurricular activities tend to stand out more than their peers in dispensation of their leadership roles. For instance, as Univeristy student, especially a UIte who has learnt the arts of speaking through the platform like Jaw War will learn to present a convincing argument in his/her presentation and learn the manner of communicating with his/her citizens.

Also, being a leader in Students’ Union Government can also help one in critical thinking and may pave way for one’s success in the mainstream politics.

Also, there  is a great provision to learn the art of politics at the Faculty level, for example in our dear Faculty of Arts, students are able to exercise their political skills through their various political positions and their being parliamentarians at the Faculty Legislative Council.

If youth could grab the various political opportunities in their institutions. I think, it will serve as a stepping stone in helping their political careers outside the campus, and should they misuse their powers now, it may hunt them in the future. Thus, as the great philosopher, Plato would say “one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”. For youth to be the leaders of tomorrow, it starts now.


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