SU ELECTION: “ I was not attacked personally, but my supporters were”— AKEJU


Sequel to the intense reactions emerging on the news story published on Akeju’s attack during his campaign in Indy Hall on Sunday 24th of November, a follow up was done from the victim’s angle.

“The content of the story is true. What the reporter wrote is about 90% true because he was there himself. Although I wasn’t attacked personally but my supporters were pushed and roughhandled.

I was in a room and I heard outside that they were supposed to make me a scapegoat and use charm on me. We, however, stepped out of the room and they were like why did we come, did you take permission?. I responded by saying that they have lifted the ban on electoral activities and I had the freedom to do campaign. And at that point they were pushing my supporters that were around to the extent that they even drilled them.

One of them was saying that they should stop pushing him. They manhandled two of them out of three but they could not touch me, they just walked me out of the place.
I was walked out by them including by the AG himself.

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