2Face Idibia Says, ” Naija System is a total joke”



2face Idibia on Thursday, November21,2019 commented via is twitter page on how the Nigerian system is a total joke because it has been hijacked by criminals who are politicians. In his own words he says

“ Naija system is a total joke. Criminals have hijacked naija. Men and women that have dedicated their time 2 make sure that naija will carry last.. No shame. No dignity. No honor. I pray the young men that have entered the system”

2face Idibia has portrayed himself not just as a music icon , but also as a political activist. It should be recalled that this is not the first time he would be attacking the Nigeria Government as he planned to organise a nationwide protest against the Buhari led administration back in 2017. Although the protest was eventually cancelled, he aimed to create an avenue for Nigerians to communicate their pains to the government.

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