I wandered in the casket of my thoughts
Crawling so hard to break through its walls,
Ive been shouting to wake myself
Im dying for a resurrection

Ive been on a séance with those that are gone
When I was so close to becoming one
But as their spirits vanish with the dawn
I was glad that, I did not vanish like what I have lost

The brightness of the dark shines in my mind
I am so blind even with my sight
I need a sword the battle is nigh
The autumn is here but I am not falling tonight

Preach to my soul
Till I become what I ought to know
Buy me a wine
I need to find my mind in mine

A man lives to grow, a man grows to die
That is the only truth in this lie
Life is a vanity that is worth more than its quality
I need the truth but I want the lie

I wish I can deny being a fool even when Im wise
I wish to sleep with the end but Im in love with the infinity
I wish to live but Im too weak to take another breath
I wish you can see it my friend, Im trying to be the best.

©Aleke Okwuchukwu 19

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