The Negative Press, The Toothless FLC and The Accused Executives




“Mr. Tee, how are you doing sir? I can see you’re now being regular at FLC meetings, what is your take on recent events in the faculty.
Ah! Honourable, it is my job to attend FLC meetings as a Pressman. Besides, it is always an honour to sit in the gathering of ‘unables’, sorry, I mean Honourables. My tongue has been slipping too often.
“Hmmm. Tee, I think you should commend us sometimes, especially the good work of the Audit and Investigative committee in unraveling some financial scandals in the activities of the executives. Those guys did a great job.”
Indeed, honourable, I should commend the committees for a job well done. However, it was a bit of a sad situation to hear that the faculty management will now have the final say on matters like financial scandals and the like. This decision is however understandable as we are tired of putting our dirty linen in the public for the entire school to see and ridiculepeace absolutely must reign.
But permit me Honourable to ask why the faculty management will deem it fit at this moment to give a final say to scandalous issues like this? Apparently from the toothless article that was published last week, the writer was right when he or she made reference to the unrevoked suspension days of Shawonje (Adeoye Adejare) and Isaac Lijadu and the impeachment of some other persons in the previous executive council.
“Tee, if only the house knew it will turn out that way, they wouldnt have gone to see the Subdean that they needed security persoonel for their next sitting. Deliberations and unyielding decisions will have reached by the house. Quite alright, the audit and investigative committee had discovered some loopholes in the scrutiny of some executive reports but trust me, the fear that there might be uproar, like the day the President was impeached, was what led to their demand for security personnels. We still have our constitutional rights but”

HmmmI understand your honourable, I bet all the right the house have know is to be the Lords of budgets approval

No, We are

Say no more, my honourable, the situation is quite clear enough. Meanwhile, on the speaker ruling to cut the press off financially, dont you think he literally just acted to the metaphorical title of the article that agitated him?

Didnt the house suddenly grow a tooth? And instead of using it to weigh the article from a critical point of view, work on the weakness highlighted, the house decided to hammer that tooth, I must say, quite irrationally on the press?

At this juncture Tee, I have nothing to say

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