The setting is the Hallowed Chambers of the Faculty Legislative Council; the Executive and the Honourable members are major characters in this plot. In this political dynasty, stories are unfolding and questions are being asked.
First, the incoordination that pervades the whole scene is really disturbing. It started with the Clerk, Hon. Shukurat Yususf who was absent on the day she was supposed to present the Budget of {her} Office. While her absence may be overlooked, the inability of the Deputy Clerk, Honorable Arilewo, to present the budget calls for concern. In fact, he looked puzzled at the whole idea of budget presentation. This could mean either of the two things— One, the Clerk has not been carrying the Deputy Clerk along in the affairs of the office. Two, Mr. Deputy Clerk is too busy to follow the demands of the office. Either way, there is a wide gap between the Clerk, the Deputy Clerk and their duties to the House. This probably answers the question of why two sittings will be held without a notification to those that are expected to be there.
In justifying his inadequacies, the Deputy Clerk mentioned that he had other commitment outside the House, which no one faults him for. However, the Deputy Clerk willingly contested the position, which demands some level of responsibility from him.
When President Buhari appears before the Senate, one would definitely expect him to have documents relating to his purpose in the House, even if he is not going to read from them. President Eniola Francis probably thinks he is not President Buhari, at least, not yet. This is could be the reason he appeared before the House without any document to give a report on the subsidized data plan. The question of what his intent was or how he indented to give an offhand report can best be answered by him.
It was Hon. Oladunfun who pointed the attention of the House to the absence of the Financial Secretary, Ms. Daniel Peniel and her recurrent absenteeism whenever she was summoned to give a report of the association’s financial status. The absence of the financial secretary begs the question of what is going on? But even more questions should be asked on why the President showed up before the House with documents which should have been presented by the Financial Secretary herself. Perhaps, Ms. Daniel needs to be reminded that financial issues are sensitive and must be treated with the highest level of care.
In the midst of all these is the Press which the House has deliberately decided to publicly label Publishers of “ridiculous” write ups. Two weeks ago, the House in a resolution on the sitting they had on the 21st of April, mentioned that the Press was absent at the sitting and went on to make a bold claim that the Press would “later come up with ridiculous write ups about the House….” However, the truth of the whole scenario was that the Press was not informed about that particular sitting, all thanks to Madam Clerk, who was either ignorant of her responsibilities or decided to toy with negligence. Yet, the House assumed the position of a god and expected the Press to miraculously know about the sitting and attend it.
While it is understood that there was a communication gap, the House had the moral rights to correct such misleading statement, seeing that the entire problem stemmed from them. It has been over 14 days, yet the House does not deem it fit to correct that resolution or readdress he issue on the floor of the House.
While the House has chosen to publicly defame the Press, the Press has been committed to publishing the truth, for public good. It is often said truth is bitter. It is, therefore, not surprising that sometimes, people have a problem with truth. However, that is a very much personal problem that should be dealt with personally, not by trying to water down the efforts of the Press towards ensuring accountability and transparency.
While these stories unfold, answers to many questions will probably be provided by the appropriate quarters when next them find themselves in action in the Hallowed Chambers.

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