He walked into the board room

With the smile of one who had just won a conquest

It was his beauty that stuck me

And the elagance with which he strolled to my table

Stretched out his right hand, which exposed his beautiful fingers

And for a second, I forgot which hand to hand out to him

J.F A…. John Femi Akinpelu

Yes. It’s nice to meet you John was all I managed to say

And the rest, they says, is history.

Today, he strolled out of my life the same way he strolled in

This time, he held his shoulder high like one who had just won another conquest

And maybe he did.

It was only now I took time to think on his initials.

J. F… Akinpelu

John Femi Akinpelu

He just had to be Femi.


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