Samuel James

Following the intention of some students to contest positions at the student union, the official AFAS Stakeholders meeting took place in Room 71 in the faculty.

The meeting, which was chaired by the AFAS President, Eniola Francis, was attended by the presidents and key members of the departments in the Faculty of Arts.

The president began by calling for unity, oneness, and the need for unanimous decision-making. Then, he highlighted the main agenda of the meeting: gaining publicity and advocacy of all-out support for the two members of faculty, Daniel Olamide Peniel and Arinola David, who are aspiring for the posts of Treasurer and Assistant General Secretary at the Students’ Union (SU) level, respectively. The two aspirants were summoned to introduce themselves and present their plans one after the other.

Daniel Peniel who has been the Financial Secretary/Treasurer of the faculty presented her plans first, but she was unable to touch all the aspects of her accountability agenda due to insufficient time.

She also answered some questions before going ahead to solicit for the support of the stakeholders and AFASites in general.

The next aspirant, Arinola David, also declared his plans. After this, the president revealed that the aspirants are the only ones contesting for their respective posts as their former opponents have stepped down. He also spearheaded the confirmation of the validation of aspirants by the department presidents that were present.

He called for total endorsement and mobilization of AFASites, appreciated the contributions, and discussed on alignment with other faculties. While hinting that endorsement could be put to vote, he announced the next steps that would be taken by the Executive after the meeting.

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