Ibrahim Oloyede

It’s said that voluntarily or involuntarily, no one rides a horse without moving his head. It is known that the Altruism team – Led by Akinyoola Emmanuel has been constituted into their various offices for over nine months, since February 2, 2021, to lead the affairs of the Student Association of the Faculty. Until now, AFASites still hold onto their beliefs about the current executive members of the association. It should be noted that the student organisation executives are responsible for providing all aspects of leadership for the student organisation, therefore all offices and roles are vital to ensure that required duties are complete with utmost care. To keep it short, each office should be handled with care and transparency.

Some AFASites commend the efforts and hard work of the executives from the beginning of their leadership tenure till this point, while some still believe that executives need to do better in their leadership style.

From some of the opinions and responses gathered from AFASite on their views of the current executives, it can be seen that some Afasites believe that the executives are doing their best to bring development into the student association by creating more space and effective connections among the students.

An AFASite in 300l from the English department said; ‘To me, the team is trying, they are innovative and did a very good thing by creating a strong connection among the students. They have created a WhatsApp TV which students learn and derive information from, they have introduced different programs like Advice-me crooner, Anonymous Night, News update, and many more, which is a good step for me, they also created an E-library which I believe will really will help the student to get material they needed easily.

Another Afasite from the Classics Department reckoned with the team’s commendable efforts with the innovation and organised tutorials but also advised that the team can do better than introducing more entertainment to their agenda most especially regarding the recent call-off party which he regarded as a fiddle-faddle organised event in the time when students need to focus more attention on studies, organising seminars, and an atmosphere where they can gain and learn new things. He thereby advised the executives to check on themselves and try clearing the floor of their names being dragged.

With the few responses gotten from AFASites, it can be seen that some believe the recent executives focus on organising parties than on creating ideas regarding academics. More than two events were organised by the current executive (although that can be justified) before the strike and another immediately after the strike and this to some Afasites is regarded as claptrap.

Team Altruism, to some, is doing well so far but another section of Afasites believe they can do better and build a lasting legacy.

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