A round up of Faculty of Arts teams at the Seals cup competition


Olorunfemi Praise

Last week saw the kick-off of the SEALS Cup, and so far so good, a total of 56 matches have been played by a total of 28 teams. Every team has put in their best, and either luck or preparations have spoken either in each team’s favour or otherwise. Nevertheless, this is not to undermine in any slight way the rigorous efforts invested in the participation of the SEALS Cup. It has now become a common sight to behold, the heightened frequency of activity or better still traffic, the SUB sport facility is experiencing as we speak. From the early hours of the morning, different teams, in preparation for their matches, can be spotted undergoing serious exercise and training sessions. There are 28 teams in the competition divided into 7 groups with 4 teams each. The top two teams in a group, will be proceeding into the knockout stage, while two best placed teams would also progress, completing the total number of teams to 16 for the next stage.

AFAS Representatives at the SEALS Cup

AFAS is represented by 4 teams at the SEALS Cup. The teams are History, Classics, Philosophy, and Archaeology and Anthropology. In the first rounds of the matches, the table did not turn well in favour of any of the AFASITE teams, as none of the teams won a single match. All had a draw, except for the department of Religious Studies who suffered a defeat at the hands of the department of Agric Eng, the match ended in a 2-0 loss. In the second round of matches, teams from Arts recorded wins. All teams won their second matches, except for the team from the department of Religious Studies. Religious Studies lost their match to Geography by 3 goals to one. 

The Department of History defeated Agric Economic by a lone goal at the Awo stadium. Classics also joined the department of History in the 4 pointers group, as they won a classic against KHE. The match ended in a 3-2 win despite being one man down. It was a spirited performance from Classics. Although leading by 2-1 before going one man down for time wasting, KHE found an equalizer in stoppage time but Classics snatched the match right at the death. It was a match that saw everything. A red card, two late goals, amazing dribbles and errors, and fantastic goals. In fact, the match is tagged as one of the most interesting matches of this year’s SEALS Cup. 

The department of Arch/Anth played out a well controlled game against the department of Industrial Petroleum Engineering, as they ended their match in 1 – 0. The department of Philosophy completed the list of winners in the Faculty of Arts as they were able to subdue the department of Geology with 2 goals. The match ended 2-1 in favour of Philosophy.

So, as it seems now, the department of History and Classics, being the top two teams in group B, have put a foot in the group stage, although History face an arduous task as they have to battle out automatic qualification with the famous KHE. Philosophy, together with LAW in Group E will be moving to the next stage, while fingers are crossed if the department of Arch/Anth may emerge as one of the two teams as best third place performer or win their last match and qualify into the next round. 

However, the faculty will be welcoming the department of Religious Studies back to the faculty. Regardless of how the results go in their last match, they are out of the competition.

What Next?

AFASITES are still expectant as to when the Super 4 Cup and the inter-level competition will commence. There has been a release on notification of the next FLC sitting, which has been slated for 3rd of December. Amongst other things, the air should be cleared concerning matters surrounding the sporting activities and issues within the Faculty. Until then, everyone is poised for a positive development.

Below is a table of results of matches played so far in the SEALS CUP

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