Lawal Taiwo

The ongoing 2022 World Cup in Qatar has witnessed a lot of monumental scenarios unfolding, with different countries of the World battling vigorously to clinch the championship of the 2022 World Cup. Some countries have been sent off, packing their loads to their respective countries due to the shocking defeat by their usually underrated opponents.

UI’s Students’ Union SEALS CUP is not an exception, where 26 teams representing departments in the University have also been launching furious tactical attacks at one another to come out victorious in the group stages. A lot of astonishing records have been set so far in the course of the tournament. Out of 7 groups, the Department of Political Science is the only team that has not conceded any goal, a great feat indeed. While Geography and Psychology are the teams with the highest goals scored.

The Departments of Religious studies and Anthropology/Archaeology are already out of the tournament. A defeat against the Department of Forestry led to Anthropology/Archaeology’s ejection from the tournament, while the Department of Psychology sent the Department of Religious studies back to the faculty.

Meanwhile, 14 teams have already qualified for the round of 16 in which all draws at the end of the regulatory time lead straight to penalties.

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