AFAS due, Budgets, Cash refund and other highlights from the FLC sitting


Ibrahim Oloyede

In the plenary session held by the Faculty Legislative Council (FLC) of the Association of Faculty of Art students'(AFAS) held on Saturday 25th of March 2023, crucial decisions were made on several issues concerning the faculty, ranging from the reports of AFAS due payment, impeachment of the sport director, capital budgets and others were raised. This article is a roundup of the issues raised in the last plenary session.

On low payment of annual faculty due and issues surrounding it.

First of all, the Speaker, Hon Olusoji Akindejoye, expressed concern over the association’s finances. He bemoaned on the current situation of the Faculty purse, stating that the FLC, the press and other pillars of the Faculty association are left unattended as the association account suffers due to the reluctance of many students to pay their faculty annual dues. It was stated that this has resulted in holding back planning, allocation, maintenance and capital project of the association and many others which would leading to the success of the Association.

The Speaker then suggested that the executives make a strategy to enable the students pay their annual dues. In response to this, Hon Nnamdi of music department constituency urges the association to make a proper decision about that because the students need to know what they are paying for, reason for them to pay, and transparency on the dues they pay.

On the proposal to postpone the Super4 competition on Ramadan basis.

A letter of Consideration was sent to the sitting by Islamic department constituency for the postponement of the super4 competition. This was due to the fact that the competition is scheduled to be held in the sacred month of Ramadan.

On Hon. Collins’ admonition
After presenting the report of the joint audit and investigative committee, Hon. Collins admonished the executive in their failure to work together citing the re-incorporation of the sports’ director after his reinstatement as a case. He also urged Afasites to elect people that know what they are doing.

When asked, as the head of the executive council, on monitoring, supervising and coordinating the cabinet, the President said “you can only force someone to the river, you cannot force them to drink”.

On excursion payment refund

The house made decisions on some certain amount owed by the previous administration, and on this note, the house passed that an amount of one hundred thousand naira will be refunded to students who paid for excursion under the previous executives of the faculty. The house stated that the said students will come for the money with proper means of identification and evidence of payment to claim the money.

On Petition against AFAS Vice president

A petition was raised against the AFAS vice president, Olajumoke for creating a WhatsApp platform in prospect of AFAS TV named MARKET SQUARE for her personal brand which can be seen as a misuse of office. After deliberation, no agreement was reached.

On the proposal to buy a new Public Address System

The President of the association presented a case for the need and approval of Budget for Public Address System in two lecture theatres of Faculty of Arts.

The Executive President, Akinyoola Emmanuel, stated that this is to enhance effectiveness of teaching and learning in the lecture theatres. After much deliberation on different specifications of the PA system to be bought, the house reached a decision on the two different types which are 300watts at 76,000 to the placed in Room 32 (SLT) and 6000watts at 115,000 which will be at the Large Lecture Theatre (LLT).

A total sum of One hundred and ninety-one thousand was approved for the purchase of the Public Address System, and a committee comprising of Hon. Lawal, Hon. Obameso and Hon. Oluwabukola was tasked with monitoring the process.

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