Uites Air Their Views on Possible Winners of the Upcoming Jaw War Competition


Mahbubat Salahudeen

Undoubtedly, the second semester in University of Ibadan is packed with several activities, especially the much anticipated and inarguably biggest public speaking competition in Sub-Saharan Africa, Jaw War which is scheduled to begin on April 10th, 2023. Since the release of fixtures and debating topics in March, faculties and halls of residence across the University are already gearing up for the first round and subsequent rounds with hope of making it to the finals.

Unlike every other activity meant to take place this semester, Jaw war is perhaps the most stirring event, not just because of its informative and educative proclivities, but because it also serves as a platform for the finest speakers across Nigerian universities to debate topical issues. With less than three weeks left until the commencement of the competition, AFAS Press correspondent, Mahbubat Salahudeen, enquired from a number of students about which faculty and hall of residence were likely to win in the two categories of the competition, the reason behind their choices and who they thought is likely to win the award for the most outstanding speaker in the competition.

Having attended the competition on two occasions since her admission as a Uite, Zainab, a 300l student from the faculty of science rules in favour of Education and Awo or ABH.

I was lucky enough to attend Jaw War while I was in 100l in 2019, and I still get the feeling of the excitement I felt back then. In my opinion, I feel the faculty of Education is most likely to win the competition for the inter-faculty category and for the inter-hall category; I am tipping either Awo hall or Alexander Brown Hall to win the competition. Also, I feel they all stand a chance of winning because they have a record of bringing excellent and outstanding speakers to the competition.”

When enquired about who was likely to be the overall best speaker at the event in April, she added, “I do not know; I have attended the competition twice to know that it is susceptible to changes and the most unexpected turnout. In all honesty, I really do not know.”

Another student, from the Faculty of law and a resident of Queen Elizabeth II Hall, Adebisi Adedoye** spoke more on the preparation put in on this event and tips Queens hall.

Winning Jaw War competitions depend granularly on preparation and readiness of the halls. So far, Queens Hall is known for her utmost passion to get the job done and I believe that Queen Elizabeth Hall has what it takes to win as the members have boldly prioritized preparation and readiness in her activities. I can vouch for Queen Elizabeth Hall’s wins, but I am still open to the possibility of other halls hatching a win. It’s the survival of the strongest. However, faculty rounds are solely placed on a probability ratio. We cannot possibly tell who wins because of the heat of the moments. However, we can hope that the brainiest faculty wins.”

The Queenite also believes speakers like Dunni and her fellow hall resident, Dooshima have a higher chance of capturing the award for the most outstanding speaker at the competition. “The most outstanding speaker in the competition is left for the judges to decide. I believe that it is a subjective opinion and not entirely objective. If not, speakers like Dunni and Dooshima, from the Great Queen Elizabeth Hall have been recorded to be outstanding speakers. However, let the Judges decide.”

Contrary to popular predictions, Babatimehin Aṣíwájú, a 100 level student of Civil Engineering, and a resident of Sultan Bello Hall, surprisingly tipped Renewable and Natural Resources as finalists.
Well, for halls, I would say the Sultan Bello hall, really. But then, halls like Awo, Tedder and ABH will definitely put up a fight. For faculty, it is honestly hard to say at this point. I see Law or RNR going to the finals from the first half of the table to face one of the many heavyweights facing off in the other half. It is really still a haze and can swing anyway.”

On why he tipped both Sultan Bello hall and Faculty of law to win the competition, he revealed saying, “Well, it’s just making an educated guess from the draws. Law and RNR are favourites on their side of the draws, while you have faculties like Technology, Education, Clinical Sciences, Dentistry and Art on the other side of the divide. Any of these can make their way to the finals. Although, it is a guess and is probabilistic, but I’m sure I won’t be too far from the eventual outcome. On why I am tipping Sultan Bello hall, I am a member and do not hide my bias, but then, I am seeing us put in the work. May God crown our efforts!” While Asiwaju admitted that there are lots of great speakers in University of Ibadan, he feels Michael Barnabas is more likely to turn out as best speaker in the competition and would put his money on him anytime.

Mahbubat then further spoke a number of Afasites on how much of a competition they think their representatives can pull against other faculties at Jaw War. It is important to note that Faculty of Arts, the defending champions of the JawWar 2021, remains one of the favourites of the competition.

Sakeenah Kareem, a 100 level student from the department of CLA is of the opinion that the Faculty of Arts has a high chance of winning the competition for the second time in a row.

The chances are 100%. Considering that we won the previous one, I believe we can and will do it again. Also, as the name depicts, the Faculty of Arts is a home for artists and artists give life to the world’, she said.

Another student, Hermann Paul Ayomiposi further shared in Sakeenah’s opinion by saying, “Of course we have a chance but we cannot underestimate other faculties because they will be bringing the heat as well. As a matter of fact, simply because a person is in Science doesn’t mean that they cannot use their words right. We cannot underestimate anyone but then we have a huge chance because it is our domain. I believe it.

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