Renovation: A step to tackling unfavorable learning atmosphere 


Opemipo Olukoga

Upon resumption to continue the first semester of the 2021/2022 session which was suspended due to the strike, students of the Faculty of Arts were greeted with the sight of lecture rooms that had worsened in condition. The silence about the prevailing issue led Afasites to question the efficiency of those in charge, as well as that of the student executives’ administration. Acting as the students’ voice, AFAS Press also looked into the situation last semester and reached out to the parties involved. From never-ending promises, reassurances, and even, pointing of accusing fingers, finally, a solution is beginning to appear. 

The faculty’s Small Lecture Theatre also known as Room 32 is one of the lecture rooms that was not in the best condition last semester. In a statement recently released by the faculty and publicized by the Public relations officer of the student executives’ administration, it was disclosed to the student populace that the information about the renovation of Room 32 was received from the Sub-Dean. The renovation would take place for 5 days. Afasites were therefore informed that there would be alternatives for classes meant to hold in the SLT. It is believed that the renovation would most likely not be for SLT alone but that gradually, other lecture rooms will be improved. 

 A favorable and conducive atmosphere is regarded as a vehicle for achieving academic success. For Afasites, being burdened with having to meet up for classes and still having to stand throughout the hours, would both weaken them and bash their morale. The expected renovation of the small lecture theatre serves as an ignition of hope. 

Besides improving the standards of the faculty and developing interests of Afasites in academics, the student populace hopes that the renovation would serve as a way to lessen the effect of the unfavorable atmosphere from posing threat to the health of the students. This can be caused by ill ventilation which could lead to unrest, sickness, diseases, or the spread of diseases amongst others.

AFAS Press correspondent, Olukoga Opemipo, also spoke to a few Afasites who shared their opinions on this current development. 

Samuel Adepoju, a student of the English department, narrated his ordeals and his views about the renovation. He said,

“My learning experience has not been outstanding. By and by, the rooms are getting dilapidated and it is inconvenient to get comfortable seats. There are bad seats, bad conditions of the white boards, dim or low lighting, dysfunctional fans, and a lack of a public address system in large rooms. In fact, I could recall more than one occasion where students stood throughout a lecture not because of lack of space, but because the seats were in bad condition. I think the renovation is long overdue. The renovation is a welcome development; it will highlight the goodwill interest of the Varsity management in maintaining healthily our faculties. But, this renovation should not end in the faculties alone. The student hostels and other public buildings ought to be bettered and rehabilitated.”

Another student, Adebayo Wisdom, a 200 level student of the Linguistics department also expressed his views on how the renovation has been overdue, despite the Faculty being one of the most reputable faculties. “The renovation has been long due. The seats are bad and need to be revamped. The fans and those that have Air Conditioners need to be repaired or serviced. Hopefully, they do a thorough renovation.”

Most students in the Faculty of Arts have hoped for a time like this, so the news has sparked excitement. However, the speculation about the possibility of tuition fees being increased is a concern to some. This is argued to be hearsay as there is no confirmation about this speculation yet. When a new session begins, all doubts about whether tuition fees will be increased or not will surely be cleared. However, it is argued if this turned out not to be just hearsay, will it be a good idea or not? 

While sharing his views on the renovation, Samuel Adegoke spoke on the hearsay and if a tuition fee increment was necessary. “Renovation = tuition increase. Then, it is apparent the renovations will exact their cost on the lives of the average student. I believe the fees should not be increased though I am aware the Varsity needs funds. Really, I hope the S.U can be strong enough to firmly oppose the much-speculated increment of fees.”

Gradually, every session, there is always a hike in tuition fees or faculty dues and Afasites are predicting that it would be the same this coming session as a means to use funds accumulated from payment to improve the standards of the lecture rooms. This rumor has raised speculations, grumbles, and fears among Afasites.

Furthermore, whether tuition fees or faculty dues might be increased or not, Afasites are still dwelling in hope and excitement as regards the new improvement. A conducive learning atmosphere is optimal for academic progress. If the faculty management continues to harness its efforts towards gradually improving the learning atmosphere of the students, it would boost their morale and affect their academic output positively.

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