AFAS FLC Rejects Akoem’s Apology Letter, Demands a Resubmission Within 24 Hours


By Oluwapelumi King

The AFAS Legislative Council has rejected the President’s letter of apology for his unconstitutional use of power in suspending Assistant General Secretary Mojuba, according to a letter made available to AFAS Press on Thursday, May 4 2023.

Following the release on the suspension of the AGS by the President, the House had asked the President to submit an apology letter after rescinding the decision. However, the letter submitted was deemed inadequate and did not meet “the standard of ruling in the Hallowed Chamber.”

“You are hereby directed to send an apology letter within twenty-four hours of receiving this letter to the House in line with the content of the caution earlier issued to you by the House. Furthermore, it should carry the clause as passed by the House that is if you are found guilty of any misconduct or wrongdoing in the future, you shall be removed from office by the AFAS Legislative council without mercy”, The letter reads in part.

The House directed the President to submit another apology letter within 24 hours, with a clause stipulating his immediate removal if found guilty of any misconduct or wrongdoing in the future.

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