MUSAN UI President Voices against Disqualification of AFAS Welfare and Social Services Ex-Director, Richard Elijah, from AFAS Elections


Opemipo Olukoga

The President of the Music Students Association of Nigeria (MUSAN), UI Chapter, Hon. Ogbu Nnamdi Dave, has on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, released a letter to Afasites regarding the disqualification of AFAS Welfare and Social Services Ex-Director, Richard Elijah (Kieran) as a presidential candidate in the upcoming AFAS elections.

He stated, “The Audit and Finance committee of the House has released a report that alleges that Mr Richard,a member of my constituency, has misappropriated funds,and the accused, in his own rights to respond, has responded that he didn’t do such. Who is right and who is wrong? Can the Accuser still play Jury? Has the investigative committee or a panel been set to hear the accused and look at the facts? There are even statements issued that can be termed exhibits, but my point is, is KIERAN pronounced guilty of those accusations? And if yes, by whom?”

Quoting a section of the AFAS constitution, Hon. Nnamdi noted that “The constitution states, that ‘Any officer of the Association found guilty of financial mismanagement and misappropriation shall automatically forfeit his office and shall henceforth be banned from holding any office and stand expelled'”.

“The statement in itself that the AFASIEC issues in disqualifying the candidate states; “We must inform you of Mr. Richard Elijah Oluwagbenga’s disqualification from running for this position based on serious allegations of misappropriation, mismanagement”. So can he be disqualified based on ‘allegations’? The constitution didn’t say anyone alleged to have misappropriated funds. They did state that they looked at the evidences,and I wonder,on what grounds?That’s not their duty. I am against this disqualification as it is unjust and threatens the already half baked democracy we manage in this association”, the letter further read.

Furthermore, he called on those involved in the investigation committee to do their findings and give Richard Elijah a chance to prove his innocence. He sought that the right procedures be followed as disqualification based on allegations is an unjust act.

“The Constitution provides for immediate vacation from office should he emerge yet later be found guilty, so let us do the right thing! After the right thing is done, we’d all take succor in knowing that the right thing was done. Let us not injure this half-baked democracy the more.”

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