Congress Makes Resolutions on Pressing Issues


Lawal Maruf

The Congress has made resolutions in a bid to address the challenges being faced by the student populace. Following a series of complaints and grievances displayed on the congress ground, congress made three resolutions “which need to be addressed by the concerned authorities”.

The Students’ Union President and Chairman of the Congress, Samson Samuel Tobiloba (Host), before proceeding to read the resolutions, expressed his dissatisfaction about the number of students that were present and stated that resolution could only be made on the way forward.

“Looking at the population of students right now, we cannot make absolute resolutions, we can only make resolutions on the way forward.”

Reading the resolutions, he stated that students lamented about the communication gap between the management and the students.
“First, it was agreed by the entire students that there has been a wide margin in communication gap between the management of the university and the entire student populace.”

On the issue of the introduction of new levies, he maintained that students expressed their grievances and also demanded clarification and justification.
“The students expressed their displeasure with the introduction of new fees at every level of academics, either at the department or faculty level, and they requested clarification and justification.”

He also added that “students are dissatisfied with the kind of treatment and reactions by the health practitioners at the Jaja clinic”.

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